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Magnum frac plugs are designed for superior wellbore isolation—so you can count on better completion performance every time.

No two wellbores are the same. So shouldn’t your frac plugs be uniquely engineered to handle specific completion needs? Magnum frac plugs are designed to address the applications you face in the field every day. Restricted wellbores. Limited fluid resources. HP/HT wells. The list goes on. Whatever you’re up against, we have the answer. It’s how we’ve become the standard in composite frac plugs over the past 25 years—and it’s why completions engineers across the globe trust their operations to us.

Frac Plugs

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The plug disappears—but the savings don’t. Engineered to dissolve within a range of common temperature and pressure settings, the MVP offers reliable flowback without the need for costly intervention.

Hollow Point™

With a 10K psi rating and single slip design, the dissolving Magnum Hollow Point™ is ready to eliminate coiled intervention from your well.

The Magnum ACE™

Every operator needs an ACE™ in the hole. The fully composite Magnum ACE™ (All Composite Edition) is uniquely engineered to tackle any completion challenge.

Magnum Frac Cannon™

Set it and forget it. This best in class design offers one of the industry's largest inner diameters, enhancing flowback and eliminating the need for costly well intervention.

Snub Nose™

Short design meets big reliability. This multi-configuration plug is constructed with less material to help operators consistently speed through mill-outs.

Snub Nose™ (CTS)

Less metal means more savings. This multi-configuration plug is constructed with less metal material to help operators consistently speed through mill-outs.

Snub Nose™ 2-Piece

Designed with a unique pump-down ring with a tapered edge, the Snub Nose 2-Piece™ allows you to drastically decrease fluids usage without increasing the risk of getting stuck.

Long Range (Gen 2)

All the slimness of the original Long Range—but with 75% less of the aluminum. That means you can add faster drill-out times to the already long list of product benefits.

Long Range (Gen 1)

That casing patch is no match for the Long Range. With a slim O.D. designed to pass through wellbore restrictions with ease, this plug keeps operations moving in damaged and repaired wells.

Magnum Series™

Magnum Series is a reconfigurable ball drop composite frac plug, offering superior versatility for over 25 years.

Magnum Series HPHT™

Built for even the most extreme environments, The Magnum Series HPHT™ is the high pressure/high temperature model of the original Magnum Series™, the reconfigurable ball drop composite frac plug that started it all.

Rapid Mill™

Snake-bit wells have met their match. The Rapid Mill features a smaller O.D. to set in misshapen casing, a rating to handle some of the hottest formations—and mill-out times of 15 minutes or less.

Fast Flow™

This integrated system combines our dissolvable Fastball product with the large I.D. Mill E-Z frac plug—helping you get straight through to production without the need for costly coiled tubing.

Mill E-Z™

The Mill E-Z composite frac plug’s dependable setting features and large I.D. offer consistently strong flowback—and the ability to leave the tool set in place through production.