Means Less

Thanksgiving Day leftovers? No problem. Morning-after-the-big-game pizza? Definitely has fans. But when it comes to dissolvable frac plugs, nobody has love for the materials left behind after dissolution.

Fortunately, the Magnum Vanishing Plug™ leaves less than a cubic inch of material behind in the wellbore. LESS THAN A CUBIC INCH. All those thousands of feet of lateral; all those gallons of water and fluids—less than a cubic inch per stage.

Just how small is that anyway?

Here are 10 comparably sized things to help bring this amount of material into perspective:

One Half of a
Fewer Than
Five Sugar Cubes
(Five Would Be too Many)
One Potato Chunk
From a Potato
And egg taquito
One-third of
Your Average
Shotgun shell
A one-inch length
Of mud runner
ATV Tire Tread
One-fourth of a
Apple core
Just over half a
Shot of Whiskey
(But Without the regret)
One Ice Cube From
An Old-Fashioned
Ice Tray
Less than One
Coffee Mate Dairy
creamer packet
Just Over Half
Of a fun size