5 Ways

Help you get more out of your completion

Five years ago, nobody was using dissolvables. Now, after Magnum introduced the industry’s first dissolvable frac plug in 2014, it seems like they’re everywhere. Why? Because for qualified wells they help you get more done more quickly.

1 Pushing

Dissolvables can actually enable your engineering team to design longer wells—critical in this time of super-long laterals. Your typical plug conveyance methodology, such as coiled tubing, starts maxing out at around 18,000 feet (depending on diameter and other factors). But with no need to mill out, dissolvables can go farther without requiring intervention. And that means more productive area.

2 Lower

Because these tools don’t require milling out, dissolvables let you eliminate the need for a coiled tubing unit from which to run the intervention. Smaller diameter coiled tubing can easily run more than $100,000, with larger-diameter running three times that under certain circumstances.

3 Reducing

No mill-out also means that when the market is hot, and nailing down a coiled tubing unit can be difficult, your completion can get right down to business.

And wireline deployment speed is fast: about 400-feet per minute. So dissolvables can also deliver faster time-to-market.

4 Eliminating

Back in the day, crews felt the need to make a clean-out run to remove debris from the wellbore. But engineering and material advances mean that today’s plugs dissolve more completely, saving you the time and money involved in these runs.

When dissolved, there is typically less than a single cubic inch of material left behind.

5 Keeping It
Simple &

What no operator or contractor wants is more moving pieces on the job—cluttering up the well site, creating additional safety risk and calling for extra admin.

Specifying dissolvables can help keep things simple.

Have you encountered a problem that a dissolvable helped solve? Let us know at info@magnumoiltools.com.