Extreme Single MagnumDisk™

The Extreme Single MagnumDisk allows you to create an underbalance for workstring isolation in environments up to 15K psi—and offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional tubing isolation methods.

Quick Specs

Pressure Rating Icon Pressure Rating up to 15k psi rated
Temperature Rating Icon Temperature Rating up to 400°F rating
Sizes Icon Sizes 2 - 3/8", 2 - 7/8", 3 - 1/2", 4 - 1/2", 5 - 1/2", 7.0 & 9 - 5/8"
Configurations Icon Configurations Exotic threading and materials available
Deployment Icon Deployment Snubbing, tubing isolation, deepwater applications
Accessories MX & MXN Nipple, Go-Devil Drop Bar

Patented Technology

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